October 31, 2013

Hello kitty Bags!!!!

Here are some adorable bags for girls (well i love them and i can hold them too :D  ) what u think?Do you like them as much as me?

quilted puff east/west tote  Now only  $16.99   from  $44.00!!!!!If u like it you can order it at :


 Another one so cute and adorable is that black and white with Glitter !!!!Was $43.00 and NOW COST ONLY $ 19.99  You can order it at :  http://bit.ly/Hh9QZ1


I love Kitty Zip Up wallet in white.Cuteeeeeee <3

And this one has huge sale from $38.00  NOW ONLY $12.99  you can order it at : http://bit.ly/HhasxK


Another one in huge sale!!!

From $48.00 now ONLY $ 11.99 !!!!
Order before its late :)


weekend satchel handbag

Cute lovely adorable!!!!
And now ONLY $13.99 from  $ 58.00   Thats  huge sales!!!!
Order now at :  http://bit.ly/Hh4Y60

heart tote handbag


heart tote handbag!!! From $48  NOW ONLY $27.99  at   http://bit.ly/1aqAprk

Cross Backpack!!!!

Cross Backpack!!!!So IN  fashion!!!

orders at :  http://bit.ly/1aqySBv

More fashionista awesome bags!!!

Sales from
$24.95 NOW ONLY  $14.99


Tiger Statement Satchel

Another one thats is so AWESOME!!!!!!

Tiger Statement Satchel

 so lovely!!! You can order it at   http://bit.ly/HgXQH4

For only

Jeweled Envelope Clutch

Tell me now!! isnt so adorable?????I love love love it.

You can order it for only $34.95  at  http://bit.ly/1aqvBSQ

Bags!!!! Love !!!! Passion!!!!

Helloooo babes,
how are you today???Here are my favourite bags!!!
Which one u prefer???
black with studs!!!!love it !!!  http://bit.ly/HgTBLA
You can find it at

October 29, 2013

Victoria's Secret is Passion

Are you addicted with Victoria's Secret Apparel and everything?I love them,They are so cute and sexy.
Here are some of my favourites!!!!

Yay Yay Yay so sexy Yoga Legging.I loveeeeee it so much <3

you can find it at :  http://lnk.sr/1jCb

Thermal sleep Legging in Pink 
so sexy.Must have!!!!
Order at http://lnk.sr/1jCc

More Nike shoes.Well I am Addicted :D

I love and i want them ALL!!!!
OMG i for sure gonna buy 2-3 pairs.They are in sale for somedays so if u like them go buy them before they go up again.
 arent they so yummi?LoL
You can find them at http://lnk.sr/1jBx  and they cost only $59.99 from 79.99  !!! woohoooo i love sales :D

I want you to tell me which one you prefer!!!!I love and these so tiger pinky lovely :D
They too cost 59.99  from 79.99  and u can buy them at http://lnk.sr/1jBz
and last a black pink tail pair.So cuteeeeeeeee they cost only $59.99 from $ 79.99
and u can buy them :  http://lnk.sr/1jBA

Happy shoppingggggggggg :)

Nike Lovers

I loveeeeeeeeee Nike shoes ,
what about you??Which brand you prefer??
Here are some of my favourite Nike.Do you like their fluo colors?

You can find them here   http://lnk.sr/1jBt   and they are sooooo cheap only $54.99
I love and that one pair,arent they all adorable.They give u energy to exersice lol from their color :D
These you can find them at  http://lnk.sr/1jBv  and they cost  $64.99

Also i love that kind of  shoes alot.You can wear them with jeans,pants,exersice pants and anything.They are so cute
You can find them here http://lnk.sr/1jBw  and they cost $59.99  from $79.99 !!!! Hurry up if you want them.

The most beautiful grey shoes for me

Stella McCartney shoes   


Adventurous, daylong hikes don’t necessarily happen on nature trails. Inspired by and for urban explorers, the adidas by Stella McCartney Discosura Hiker treks from uptown to downtown with ease and style. Features a light and flexible upper, a streetwise rubber outsole, and a smooth textile lining for all-day on-the-go comfort.
  • Lightweight and flexible textile upper
  • Comfortable textile lining
  • Textile insole
  • Rubber outsole
They are so adorable!!!I really love them

You can find them at :

Welcome welcome

Welcome to my page beautiful girls :)

You can find anything about fashion and beauty as i LOVE and Adore shopping.
I m gonna upload  my favourite clothes beauty products shoes bags etc and we
can discuss them.

Have an awesome day all!!!