October 29, 2013

More Nike shoes.Well I am Addicted :D

I love and i want them ALL!!!!
OMG i for sure gonna buy 2-3 pairs.They are in sale for somedays so if u like them go buy them before they go up again.
 arent they so yummi?LoL
You can find them at http://lnk.sr/1jBx  and they cost only $59.99 from 79.99  !!! woohoooo i love sales :D

I want you to tell me which one you prefer!!!!I love and these so tiger pinky lovely :D
They too cost 59.99  from 79.99  and u can buy them at http://lnk.sr/1jBz
and last a black pink tail pair.So cuteeeeeeeee they cost only $59.99 from $ 79.99
and u can buy them :  http://lnk.sr/1jBA

Happy shoppingggggggggg :)

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