October 31, 2013

Hello kitty Bags!!!!

Here are some adorable bags for girls (well i love them and i can hold them too :D  ) what u think?Do you like them as much as me?

quilted puff east/west tote  Now only  $16.99   from  $44.00!!!!!If u like it you can order it at :


 Another one so cute and adorable is that black and white with Glitter !!!!Was $43.00 and NOW COST ONLY $ 19.99  You can order it at :  http://bit.ly/Hh9QZ1


I love Kitty Zip Up wallet in white.Cuteeeeeee <3

And this one has huge sale from $38.00  NOW ONLY $12.99  you can order it at : http://bit.ly/HhasxK


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