October 29, 2013

Nike Lovers

I loveeeeeeeeee Nike shoes ,
what about you??Which brand you prefer??
Here are some of my favourite Nike.Do you like their fluo colors?

You can find them here   http://lnk.sr/1jBt   and they are sooooo cheap only $54.99
I love and that one pair,arent they all adorable.They give u energy to exersice lol from their color :D
These you can find them at  http://lnk.sr/1jBv  and they cost  $64.99

Also i love that kind of  shoes alot.You can wear them with jeans,pants,exersice pants and anything.They are so cute
You can find them here http://lnk.sr/1jBw  and they cost $59.99  from $79.99 !!!! Hurry up if you want them.

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